Wednesday March 3, 2021


1:00 PM

Blackfoot Livestock Auction

93 Rich Ln,

Blackfoot, ID 83221

Videos will be up the 2nd half of February

Adams Connection-Page1.png

Fall Yearling Angus Bulls


Lot 63 BL Gun Smoke 984G

Lot 64 BL Good Time Charlie 989G

Lot 65 BL Grizzly Adams 993G

Lot 66 BL Gatlin Gun 9100G


Spring Yearling Angus Bulls

Lot 67 BL Hand Of Fate 026H

Lot 68 BL Hank 053H

Lot 69 BL Hawkeye 054H

Fall Yearling Limflex Bulls


Lot 70 BL Ghost Rider 960G

Lot 71 BL Guns Are Loaded 963G

Lot 72 BL Gumby 967G

Lot 73 BL Ground Control 972G

Lot 74 BL Ghost Buster 973G

Lot 75 BL Groovin 976G

Lot 76 BL Great Expectations 977G

Lot 77 BL Get A Grip 982G

Lot 78 BL Gentleman Jack 986G

Lot 79 BL Good Old Days 992G

Lot 80 BL Gun Shy 9101G

Spring Yearling Limflex Bulls


Lot 81 BL Hercules 001H

Lot 82 BL Hard Lovin Man 002H

Lot 83 BL Hugh Hefner 012H

Lot 84 BL Hard Core 016H

Lot 85 BL Hank Williams 017H

Lot 86 BL Home Run 020H

Lot 87 BL Hulk 025H

Lot 88 BL High Roller 028H

Lot 89 BL He Got Game 029H

Lot 90 BL Half Breed 041H

Lot 91 BL Hangin Tough 046H

Lot 92 BL Heartbreak Kid 052H